Catherine Lord, PhD

Catherine Lord

Scientific Research Council

Director, Institute for Brain Development
New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College and Columbia University Medical Center

Catherine Lord, PhD, is widely known for her groundbreaking longitudinal studies of children with autism. Her work has been key in the development of diagnostic tools that are now used worldwide to identify children on the autism spectrum. Dr. Lord is a senior scientist at the Center for Human Growth and Development and a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Michigan, where she has conducted research on the neurobiological, genetic, and environmental causes of autism. Her recent work on a follow-up study of teens diagnosed with autism at age two is providing new insight into the course of autism and the effectiveness of treatments.


  • National Institute of Mental Health Development of a Brief Screener for Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2009
  • National Institutes of Health Longitudinal Studies of Autism Spectrum Disorders: 2 to 23, 2008
  • National Institutes of Health Multi-Site Randomized Study of Intensive Treatment for Toddlers with Autism (Early Steps Study), 2008
  • The Simons Foundation Simons Simplex Collection, 2008
  • Autism Speaks Early Social Interaction for Toddlers with ASDs, 2007


  • University of North Carolina Clinical Psychology Internship in Clinical Psychology Internship, 1977
  • Harvard University PhD in Psychology, 1976
  • University of California at Los Angeles BA in Psychology, 1971
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