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Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE)

Despite significant advances in understanding the neurobiological basis of autism apectrum disorders in the past 20 years, studies have been limited by clinical heterogeneity, variability in methodological approaches, and small sample sizes. While laboratories around the world are actively collecting functional and structural MRI datasets to examine the neural basis of autism, no one laboratory can obtain a dataset large enough to comprehensively appreciate the neural signatures of the disorder. As demonstrated by the success of the ADHD-200 consortium and its open data release through INDI, the sharing and pooling of data resources across laboratories can help overcome these challenges and rapidly accelerate the pace imaging research. 

Building upon the ADHD-200 model, Drs. Adriana Di Martino (NYU Child Study Center) and Stewart Mostofsky (Kennedy Krieger Institute) have assembled an international consortium dedicated to the sharing of resting state functional imaging and morphometric data for autism. Already with more than 15 contributing sites, this effort has come to be known as the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE), and promises to deliver more than one thousand datasets for the study of human brain function and structure in autism. Dr. Michael Milham and his team at the Child Mind Institute Center for the Developing Brain are overseeing the aggregation and sharing of ABIDE datasets through INDI. The ABIDE data is scheduled to be released during the INDI 2012 Summer of Sharing. The ABIDE consortium will also work to provide an initial demonstration of the feasibility and utility of analyzing the large-scale, multisite ABIDE dataset. 

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