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Other Voices: Blogs we like

This is a list of articulate and well-informed blogs written by advocates, parents, professionals, and others who are passionate about children with psychiatric and learning disorders.

Autism Acceptance Day

Autism and Empathy

Autism Wonderland

Autistic Hoya (Lydia Brown)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

The Biology Files


The Concussion Blog

The Foorce

Freedom Institute

I Speak of Dreams

Journeys with Autism

Just Stimming

Laura Shumaker: SF Gate

Lisa Belkin: Huffington Post

Love That Max

NeuroTribes (Steve Silverman)

Notes From the School Psychologist

NY Times Motherlode

Squidalicious (Shannon Des Roches Rosa)

The Squashed Bologna (Varda Steinhardt)

Stim City


Susan Senator

Thautcast (Landon Bryce)

The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

Time to Listen

Westby Autistic Advocacy Blog

Who's Teaching Who?

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