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Parents Guide to Getting Good Care

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When a child is struggling, or his behavior worries you, it can be hard to know whether you need to reach out to a professional. And if you do seek help, what kind of professional, and what kind of treatment, are right for your child?

In this guide we take you through the steps to finding the best professional (or team) for your child, and the most appropriate treatment. Along the way, we offer things to look for and questions to ask to ensure that you're getting quality care your child deserves.

Does my child need help?

Factors to consider in deciding whether a a child's behavior or emotions warrant professional attention. READ MORE

Who can help with diagnosis?

A brreakdown of the professionals who diagnose psychiatric and learning disorders, and the expertise each offers. READ MORE

What should I look for in diagnosis?

The kinds of information a good clinician should use to evaluate your child, and what you should expect. READ MORE

Who can help with treatment?

Guidelines to focus your search for the best clinician for your child. READ MORE

What should I ask before beginning treatment?

Questions that will help you understand what is being proposed and what to expect. READ MORE

How do I know if I'm getting good treatment?

What to look for to determine whether your child is getting competent and effective help. READ MORE

What if my child has more than one disorder?

Best practices for treating what clinicians call "coexisting" disorders. READ MORE

What about problems with diagnosis or treatment?

When your child doesn't respond to treatment, or you don't feel your clinician is working well with you, you may need to make a change. READ MORE

What about alternative treatments?

What you should consider when thinking about options like diets and supplements. READ MORE

What should I do if my child has learning issues?

How to investigate your child's problems in school, from first steps to the formal evaluation process. READ MORE

How do I get school services for my child?

How to access the different kinds of help that are available if your child has a learning disability. READ MORE

Guide to Mental Health Specialists READ MORE

Guide to Learning Specialists READ MORE

Guide to Evidence-Based Treatments READ MORE


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