Intensive Intervention for Selective Mutism

Giving kids a new lease on childhood, and fast 

Melissa Ortega, PsyD, formerly of the Child Mind Institute and now practicing in Hong Kong, discusses how intensive intervention for children with selective mutism can turn around lives in really stunning ways. She describes how a week spent engaging with a kid who can't talk is a transformative experience for all involved, doctor and patient and family.

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In response to Dr. Schmitt, I think the point of this video was to convey that targeted, intensive therapy works with children with selective mutism. I have 2 daughters with SM who went to all kinds of therapists and doctors who claimed to know about SM, and yet years went by with no results. It wasn't until we discovered Child Mind (on our own) that we learned that there are well-researched, well-documented approaches that actually work to treat SM. I would have given anything to have seen this video 5 or 6 years ago before wasting so much time and money. For many of us, it's crucial to know that there ARE options beyond what general practitioners claim they know. I'm glad that Dr. Ortega did not try to explain the technique in a 90 second video - more harm than good comes from professionals thinking they "get it" when in fact there's quite a bit that goes into making them successful with our kids. Child Mind does the entire professional and parent community a huge service by making all of their SM training videos available on their website for free. While I find it more than worth it to travel to NY to get the proper treatment for my daughters, I also rely on these videos to further my knowledge and to help teachers and family members understand the condition.

rschmitt · Mar 06 2013 Report

Except for transmitting optimism regarding treating this typically challenging problem, I found the video useless. It was like saying we took four individuals who spoke English to help an individual who spoke Chinese and in four days they spoke English. No references, no details, no name in PubMed. Disappointed. R. Larry Schmitt, M.D.

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