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  • Three Lives Transformed

    Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall was winning on the field, but borderline personality disorder was destroying his life. Matt had OCD that overwhelmed him after the loss of his best friend. And Lily's parents were shocked to discover that though she was a chatterbox at home, she was absolutely silent in school—a disorder called selective mutism. Watch the inspiring stories of how these hurting people got their lives back.

  • Can You Be a Good Student and Have Learning Disabilities?

    From kindergarten on, I was in the top 10% of my class. I went to a top university, a top law school and got my first job at a top law firm. But there were so many times I felt totally lost. I sensed that everyone else knew how to do something that was beyond my comprehension.

  • She said her words got 'stuck.'

    In preschool, she said that her words got 'stuck.' Her extreme anxiety prevented her from speaking even when she really wanted to. Simply put, she was panicked into silence.

  • This Is as Slow as I Go

    Natalie, a 13-year-old with ADHD, writes about her life, her identity, and her meds in this personal essay.

  • 'A Gene Called Misery'

    "I was born with an extra gene called misery": A 22-year-old singer/songwriter's slam poetry on her journey through depression and anxiety.

  • Tips for Parents on Selective Mutism

    John and Kandi, whose daughter Sofia had selective mutism, offer advice on how the right mental health expert, the right techniques, and getting everyone on board can help your child find her voice.

  • CMI Patients and Parents Speak

    "Mikayla did not feel like a normal child. She was crying. She was on the floor. She felt like she should never have been born. These were the things that were coming out of her mouth."

  • Jacob, and His Mom, Learn to Manage His Anger

    Jacob's outbursts and inability to follow directions led to disaster in preschool, and other parents even banned him from play dates. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with his mom helped this precocious 6-year-old get his feelings under control, and get back on track.

  • A Joint Effort to Help Sofia Speak Up

    Sofia was always shy, but when she started preschool she didn't speak at all—not a word. 'As soon as we walked through the doorway, she wouldn't even respond to me,' her mom said. But after diagnosis and behavioral treatment for selective mutism, now she's speaking to teachers and other students. 'I don't brave talk anymore, Mommy,' Sofia said. 'I just talk.'

  • A 13-Year-Old Learns to Fight OCD

    Ben's OCD started with fears that his parents would disappear. For a while his rituals—touching things, saying things—worked to allay them. But by the time he was 13, the anxiety was so extreme he couldn't go to school. He could barely leave his room.

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