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Healthy Brain Network™

The Healthy Brain Network is an unprecedented initiative by the Child Mind Institute to bring scientists, clinicians, and families together to reimagine brain science, accelerate our understanding of healthy brain development, and create objective diagnostic tools for psychiatric and learning disorders.

It includes:

Participate in a Study

The Child Mind Institute invites all children with and without psychiatric disorders, as well as members of their families, to help build the science of healthy brain development. Join our initiative to find biomarkers of psychiatric and learning disorders—and, in turn, improve diagnosis and treatments.

What to Expect

The Child Mind Institute is honored to care for your child and your family. Our goal is to give you the best possible outcome and experience.

  • Click here for information that may be helpful to your family in getting care for your child or participating in a study at the Child Mind Institute.

Innovation in Treatment

One of the major goals of the Child Mind Institute is the development of new and more effective evidence-based treatments.

Our teacher-child interaction training (TCIT) aims to enable teachers with classroom management skills to better address disruptive behaviors and create more time for learning. Currently we are conducting a study in New York City schools to examine the effectiveness of TCIT.

Support Science

Help us advance the science of healthy brain development and discover new diagnostic tools and treatments that will improve the lives of our children and grandchildren.

It's easy to get involved:

About CMI

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Scientific Research Council

Leading scientists in a host of complementary fields are directing our groundbreaking research initiatives.

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Distinguished Scientist Award

Each year the Child Mind Institute honors an exceptional scientist for outstanding contributions in child mental health.

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