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Tools for parents worried about a child's mood, behavior, or success in school. Including a Mental Health guide, Symptom Checker, Developmental Milestones, Quick Facts on disorders and a Glossary of useful terms.

Symptom Checker

Use our interactive guide to identify the specific symptoms and behaviors that are worrying you, and link them to possible psychiatric or learning disorders they may point to.

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Mental Health Guide

Get the newest thinking on the 25 most common childhood psychiatric and learning disorders, from the behaviors and symptoms of each to the most effective treatment options, including medication and psychotherapy.

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Developmental Milestones

Wondering if your child’s behavior is normal? As they develop, children reach many social, emotional and cognitive milestones, from the first smile to separating from parents. Use this guide to help determine what’s age-appropriate.

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Quick Facts

Quick facts about childhood psychiatric and learning disorders, including signs, symptoms, causes, and treatments as well as common misperceptions and myths.

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Quick definitions of terms you’ll encounter in reading about children’s psychiatric and learning disorders, the experts who treat them, and the newest treatment options.

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Get Informed

Information, ideas, and strategies parents can use, from leading clinicians, experts and other parents.

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Other Resources

A list of organizations and websites that offer insight and help to parents of kids with psychiatric and learning disorders.

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The Child Mind BlogBrainstorm

Our take on the latest news, issues and ideas on parenting and children’s mental health.

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